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TRID, real estate The City of Newburgh has a new Rental License law. This law applies to all residential rental properties, including single family homes and condominium units. The fees range from $150.00 for a single dwelling unit to $5,000.00 for a property with over 200 dwelling units. A Rental License Application must be submitted to the Newburgh Office of Code Compliance within 30 days of your assuming ownership, or within 10 days from receipt of notice from the City, whichever is sooner. The Rental License will not be issued until the Code Compliance Officer completes an inspection of the property. The License is valid for one year from the date of issue and must be renewed 90 days prior to its expiration. The License is not transferrable and the City must be notified when Landlord sells or otherwise transfers the property. The Landlord may request a pre-rental inspection of any registered dwelling unit prior to placing tenants. There is no additional cost for these inspections. A certificate of compliance will be issued stating that the dwelling unit is in compliance with applicable City and NYS property maintenance codes. The landlord must keep a current Register of Occupancy for each dwelling unit. The Register must be made available to the Office of Code Compliance at all reasonable times. A rental property with more than four dwelling units must have the License posted in the main entry or some other conspicuous location. For rental properties with four or fewer dwelling units, the License must be must be attached to each tenant’s fully-executed lease. The City’s trash and refuse policies and the alternate-side parking regulations must be posted in the main entry or some other conspicuous location. If the rental property has only one dwelling unit or no common entryway, then copies of the policies and regulations must be given to each tenant with the fully-executed lease.

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