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Introducing J&G’s Educational Series.

The Topics You Want…The Information You Need 

J&G LLP is pleased to offer local organizations our FREE educational series speakers. We have over 20 attorneys who concentrate in over 35 areas of law. Some of our attorneys have been practicing law for fifty years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm. We’d like to share their knowledge with you and your

Here is our attorney speaker list for your review. If you are interested in having any of our attorneys speak to your group or organization on any of these topics, please contact us.

Click here to download “The Topics You Want … The Information You Need!”


Trademark Seminar presented by Gary Schuster

  • Gary will explain the process and what you need to know to protect your brand. When you should have a trademark and what happens if someone infringes on your mark.

Doing Business With Another Person presented by Gary Schuster

  • There are many issues to consider when doing business with another person: who has to contribute money or property, who has to work, how are profits distributed, what happens if someone fails to perform, what if there is a death or disability, and much more. Learn about the issues and possible answers.


A Homeowners Liability Snapshot presented by Robert Lefland

  • Robert will discuss how the law impacts homeowners from dog bites to slip and falls, removal of debris, falling trees, keeping your sidewalks clear, and more.


The value of not-for-profit organizations presented by Gerald N. Jacobowitz


The how and why of real property taxes. The importance of residential and non-residential development to stabilize costs, expand jobs and remain competitive presented by Gerald N. Jacobowitz and Allison Cappella

Are You Overpaying Your Property Taxes presented by Gerald N. Jacobowitz and Allison Cappella

  • Jerry and Allison are the one-two punch you need to help you decide whether to get a reduction in real property taxes. If you own commercial property and think that you may be overpaying your real property taxes, they will share with you what you need to know to start the process or to appeal your unsuccessful grievance.


Employers guide on what to include in an Employee Handbook presented by Jennifer Echevarria

  • discrimination provisions
  • anti-bullying
  • sexual harassment
  • conduct
  • vacation pay
  • termination clauses


Is Solar Right For You? presented by John Cappello

  • If you have ever considered using solar for your home or business, or perhaps you own farmland and are interested in leasing your land to a solar developer, then this presentation is for you.


Taking Care Of Your Family By Taking Care Of Your Assets -Why Everyone Needs a Will presented by Mark Krohn

  • Mark will identify some of the legal strategies that can be used to help you take care of your family by protecting your assets (your home, properties, investments, and other assets).


Presentations by our Spanish-speaking attorney, Jennifer Echevarria

  • The Latest on Immigration Law
  • Updates on Executive Orders and Sanctuary Jurisdictions
  • Undocumented? KnowYour Rights and What to do if Police or ICE Show up


Things to know to protect yourself in buying or selling a horse presented by Marcia Jacobowitz

  • Marcia will share her years of knowledge from owning, boarding, breeding, training, and showing horses in the Hudson Valley. She will review what you should look for in order to buy, sell, or care for a horse.


Issues Related to Buying and Selling Real Estate in the Hudson Valley presented by William Duquette


Property Owner Pitfalls of Planning and Zoning presented by John Cappello


Amending SEQRA: Regulations update presented by George Lithco


Integrating Green Provisions into Comprehensive Plans and Zoning presented by John Cappello


Motivational Speaker presented by Allison Cappella

  • Allison’s positive attitude is so contagious that everyone in the room will leave feeling energized by her motivational and leadership oriented topics to help your group reach their full potential.

Please contact Valerie Gross, Marketing and Development at J&G at 845-778-2121 x 266 or [email protected] about this program.

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