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State Liquor Authority:  Electronic Filing – Alcohol Beverage Control Law

A wave of the future is washing over the State Liquor Authority.   Governor Cuomo recently signed into law an amendment to the Alcohol Beverage Control Law that provides for the electronic filing of brand label registrations.   Brand or trade name label registrations were required to be filed annually by certified mail return receipt requested or overnight delivery.   Stamps, green return receipt cards, overnight slips – it’s all so Zima. The recent amendment also extends the registration to three years, alleviating the administrative burden of annual filing.

Brand label registration is meant to protect public health and safety by ensuring that the product labeling complies with state and federal label requirements and makes no deceptive claims, and by ensuring that the contents are safe for consumption.

New York requires that brand labels be registered for liquor, beer, wine product and specialties, and wines containing 7% or less alcohol that are sold in NY.   Wine containing more than 7% alcohol requires Federal label approvals.  Over 24,000 alcohol product brand labels are currently registered. That’s a party.

Not to be outdone, the Supreme Court of the United States has also implemented electronic filing.  One key difference – the Supreme Court’s electronic system is functional.




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