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Keep your teen safe on Prom Night


Prom night might be the most anticipated night of the year for many high school seniors. It is often the most dreaded by parents.

At Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP, we are not only attorneys who deal with all types of legal problems including accidents. We are parents too and are familiar with these concerns. As injury attorneys, we have seen what can happen when teens make poor choices. We have also seen the terrible damage caused by distracted or drunk drivers.

Here are some guidelines to help you keep your child from making bad choices.

1. Do not serve alcohol to minors in your home. If you think you are being the smart parent by serving minors alcohol so that they do not drink elsewhere, think again.

2. Who is going to drive? Make sure you are comfortable with who is driving and where they will be going. Talk about driving safely, seatbelts and not getting into a car with anyone who has been drinking or getting high.

3. Tell you child they can call you at any time during the day or night and you will get them, no matter where they are or what the circumstances. It is better to be picked up by a parent than by the police.

4. Find out where your child is going before and after the prom and if the setting will be supervised.

5. If your child will be part of a group who chipped in and rented a limousine, check with the limo company to make sure that there is a policy that addresses both seatbelt use as well as underage riders and the consumption of alcohol in their cars.

6. It is important for the parents to have an itinerary of the night’s events. Plans can change. A quick call or even a text notifying the parents of the change can make all the difference.

7. Talk to your teen about not uploading questionable or embarrassing photos or videos. Colleges can revoke scholarships or an acceptance letter for illegal behavior.

8. Create a code word or code emoji your child can share with you without letting their friends know they are asking for help so they will not be embarrassed.

To conclude, your teen values your input more than you may realize. Together you can create a strategy to keep prom and graduation celebrations safe. This will make sure that your child has nothing but happy memories of these celebrations for years to come. While we at Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP will take your case if necessary, we would rather that you and those you love remain healthy and safe.

This is not intended to be legal advice.  You should contact an attorney for advice regarding your specific situation.  


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