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Jacobowitz and Gubits Law Firm Changes Name to J&G Law, LLP


Managing Partner: Michele L. Babcock

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 12, 2023


Walden, NY—Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP, the full-service law firm that has been serving the Hudson Valley since 1968, has changed its name to J&G Law, LLP.

The official name change goes into effect immediately and marks a new era for the firm, which is focusing on growth, efficiency, and the future of the legal services industry.

The J&G icon and name have been part of the firm’s recognizable brand for many years, with the simplicity of its two initials coming to represent the vastness of the firm’s capabilities and the collective expertise of its seasoned lawyers.  With over thirty areas of practice and over twenty dedicated lawyers, this shortened name is a paradox for a firm of tremendous local and regional impact.

“Never did two initials pack so much punch,” says Managing Partner Michele Babcock.  “The evolution of Jacobowitz & Gubits to J&G makes it even easier for people to-not only refer to us but also to remember us and find us easily on the web and on social media.”

J&G Law’s website will now be located at JGLaw.Law.

About J&G Law, LLP

J&G Law, LLP, (formerly Jacobowitz and Gubits) was founded in 1968 to provide sophisticated legal representation to thousands of individuals, businesses, non-profits and municipalities in Hudson Valley and the state of New York.  J&G Law has grown into a practice with over 20 attorneys and a full staff of paralegals and legal assistants to service a growing and dynamic client base.

J&G Law handles a wide range of legal issues, including business law, residential and commercial real estate, elder law and estate planning, municipal law, land use and zoning and environmental law, civil and commercial litigation, arts and entertainment, alcohol and beverage, cannabis, personal injury, nonprofit, matrimonial and family law, and commercial property tax grievance.

J&G Law has two office locations in Walden and Monticello. For more information, visit JGLaw.Law or call (845) 778-2121.

J&G LawMichele L. Babcock  is Managing Partner concentrating on zoning, land use and municipal law.  She can be reached by phone 845-764-9656 and by email.

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