Trademark Law for Your Business

A trademark is a word, phrase or design-or even a sound or color-placed on a product or the packaging or advertising for a product. In a crowded marketplace, a trademark distinguishes and differentiates the goods of the trademark owner from competing brands of goods. The trademark is the symbol of the owner’s brand.

Your Trademark Is an Investment That Needs Protection By an Attorney

Over time, consumers learn to associate the trademark with the kind of goods being sold, the identity of the manufacturer, and the quality of the goods. When the concept is applied to services such as construction, design, management, tax preparation or entertainment, the phrase used is “service mark.” In addition to use in business, many charities, hospitals, universities and even some famous landmarks have valuable trademarks.

Producing quality goods and services, and creating and promoting a brand, require a big investment. A successful brand is a valuable property worth protecting from piracy, infringement and dilution. A brand is best protected by registering the associated trademarks with the federal government’s Trademark Office. However, trademark law is esoteric and the application process is something of an art.

The services of an experienced trademark attorney are often needed to understand exactly what can be protected, properly preparing a trademark application, and managing a portfolio of marks. Talking to an attorney experienced in trademark the first step in maximizing the protection of your valuable brand.

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