Charges for Assault and Weapons Offenses in New York

The criminal defense attorneys of J&G, LLP, advise and represent people who face New York criminal charges for assault and weapons violations. With some of the toughest gun laws in the United States, New York’s prohibition of handguns in motor vehicles catches many out-of-state motorists along the New York Thruway by surprise, and our attorneys can help you resolve what might be serious felony charges, especially if the gun was loaded.

Contact us in Walden or Monticello to learn more about your options for resolving an assault or weapons charge in the Hudson Valley or Upstate New York. We work closely with clients to develop the facts that the police or prosecutor might not know or are not willing to admit.

Mistaken identity, self-defense, provocation, alibi or other circumstances can all support an effective defense to assault charges under the specific facts of a given case. Even if the evidence against you will be difficult to overcome, we can often find ways to minimize the consequences of a conviction. If you are eligible for adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD), our lawyers can work toward suspension of the prosecution against you. If you can avoid further encounters with the criminal law for a specified period, the charges will be dismissed.

We represent clients on the full range of New York assault and weapons charges:

  • Attempted murder or aggravated assault
  • Simple assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Possession of a firearm after a domestic violence conviction
  • Assault charges related to drunk driving accidents
  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Possession or use of a weapon in connection with another offense, such as a drug crime or robbery
  • Weapons or assault charges against persons on probation

The criminal defense lawyers of J&G protect long-term or continuing interests of our clients while working on the best ways to resolve an immediate charge. If you work in a licensed profession, for example, a plea offer that could keep you out of jail might nonetheless expose you to the risk of a license suspension or ethical investigation. Our advice and approach to a client’s defense are always matched to the demands of the specific case.

Discuss Your Case With a New York Lawyer for Weapons Charges

We advise clients about the best ways to resolve both felony and misdemeanor assault and weapons charges. No matter what specific offense you happen to be charged with, you can depend on J&G to handle your case with close attention to the unique circumstances of your case. Contact us in Walden or Monticello for additional information.