Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence or violating an order of protection can be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony under New York law. Factors like the severity of the injuries, the defendant’s prior record, and the history and nature of the relationship between the defendant and the victim can all affect the severity of the charges. If you need legal advice about the most effective ways to approach a domestic violence charge in your situation, contact a knowledgeable defense attorney at the law firm of J&G, LLP, in Walden or Monticello.

Experienced at Handling Domestic Violence Charges

We work with clients throughout Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley, especially residents of Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Our lawyers represent clients on domestic violence charges based on allegations of simple or aggravated assault, stalking or harassment, interference with parental rights or other unlawful conduct.

Many domestic violence cases are closely related to family law problems during a period of separation or divorce, or involve disputes between unmarried parents. On close examination of the facts, it often turns out that the allegations of violence were exaggerated or made up in order to gain an advantage in a support or custody dispute pending in Family Court or the Supreme Court.

Comprehensive Client Service in New York Integrated Domestic Violence Courts

As a full-service law firm, our attorneys can advise you about the criminal and family law dimensions of your situation at the same time, and coordinate your defense to the criminal charges with your family objectives. We are also experienced with representing clients in the area’s Integrated Domestic Violence Courts, where the judges have jurisdiction to craft solutions that address both the family and criminal aspects of a given case.

Our goal in domestic violence cases is to minimize our client’s exposure to punishment while working to resolve the other problems that can both cause and result from a violent family incident or pattern of behavior. By taking a comprehensive approach to domestic violence defense, our law firm can protect important personal, family and professional interests while resolving your immediate problem in the criminal justice system.

For additional information about our approach to client service in New York state domestic violence cases, contact J&G in Walden or Monticello.