False Documents, False Instruments and Fraud

The New York criminal defense lawyers at the law firm of J&G, LLP, advise and represent clients facing state or federal fraud charges of all kinds. To learn how you can benefit from our experienced approach to the resolution of fraud and false documents cases in Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley, contact us in Walden or Monticello.

New York state charges of fraud are likely to be expressed as so-called false instrument charges, with the term “instrument” covering such documents as checks, loan applications, promissory notes, identification cards, applications for unemployment benefits or other papers. Our experience with the investigation and defense of fraud charges can benefit both individuals and businesses accused of fraud, forgery or false statements in a wide range of situations.

Defense Lawyers for New York False Instrument Charges

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will analyze the charges and evidence against you to find the weaknesses, gaps and contradictions that could undermine the prosecution’s ability to obtain a conviction. Because we approach criminal cases with the assumption that they will go to trial, our strategies are based solidly on the evidence as it affects the government’s ability to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The more we can attack that evidence, the more we can push the prosecution away from the original charges.

J&G represents clients on a wide range of fraud and false instrument charges, including:

  • Check fraud or forgery charges
  • Credit card fraud
  • Document fraud related to driver’s licenses, state-issued identification cards, student ID, or other identification documents
  • Alteration or fraudulent endorsement of checks, promissory notes, vouchers, prescriptions or warrants for payment
  • False statements in applications for unemployment benefits, public assistance or welfare benefits, or other government programs
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Fraud in real estate sales, loans or lease transactions
  • Insurance fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Public corruption charges involving bribery, wire fraud, misuse of public property or campaign finance violations
  • Charges generated by the Taxpayer Protection Bureau of the New York Attorney General’s Office

The more complex range of fraud cases will often reflect the findings of state, federal or task force investigations that go on for months. If you have reason to believe that you are under investigation for fraud, it is highly advisable to seek legal advice at the earliest possible point. A skilled defense lawyer can accomplish a great deal for you even before formal charges or an indictment is filed.

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To learn more about the scope of our practice on behalf of people and companies facing fraud or false instrument charges in New York state, contact J&G in Walden or Monticello.