Electrical Injuries and Electrocutions

Construction and industrial workers are exposed to many hazards, but perhaps none with greater potential to cause devastating injury or a sudden, tragic death than electrical wiring and equipment. Electrocution can occur in an instant, and those who survive an electrical accident may have critical burns, brain damage, organ damage and other severe injuries.

Many electrical accidents on construction sites and elsewhere are caused by negligence — often someone’s failure to take proper safety precautions due to their primary focus being speed and profit.

Extensive Experience Representing Construction Site Injury Victims

Electrocutions and electrical injuries occur in a vast range of circumstances, but workers on construction sites are among the most frequent victims. Such accidents may result from:

  • Operation of a crane, cherry picker or other equipment in close proximity to high-voltage power lines
  • Generator and other equipment malfunctions involving defective wiring, switches or circuits
  • Failures to properly warn workers of live current or other electrical hazards present on building, remodeling and maintenance projects
  • Inadequate training or supervision of individuals performing electrical work or workers exposed to on-the-job risks

Exposing Answers and Striving Tenaciously for Maximum Recoveries

If you have been seriously hurt in a workplace electrical accident or your family has been changed forever by a wrongful death your future may depend on the commitment and resourcefulness of the New York attorney you choose to represent you.

We enlist specialized investigators, industry authorities and other experts as needed to determine what happened and who should be held liable. Our dedication to thorough case building, together with proven trial experience, has compelled many sizable settlements and millions in compensation for our personal injury clients.

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