Resolve Tax Issues With Experienced Legal Counsel

Businesses in New York frequently spend too much time and money dealing with tax disputes and compliance issues, whether preparing returns, making sales tax payments or understanding the limitations and requirements of state and federal tax codes. It is important for businesses to protect themselves by working with experienced legal counsel to properly plan for taxes and to deal with the state and federal tax regulators.

At the law firm of J&G, LLP, our experienced attorneys are able to help businesses of all sizes in New York with their tax problems, including litigation, when necessary. We have worked with businesses for many years in tax compliance and planning. Businesses can trust our strong advocacy and counsel for their business tax matters.

Advice and Legal Guidance You Can Trust

In order to fully assist with tax planning and compliance, we advise on the potential tax liabilities and consequences that arise following virtually all business decisions, whether they be a major sale or purchase of land or assets or simple sales and use tax issues arising from daily transactions. Some of these issues may also include:

  • Sales and use taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Buy and sell agreement tax issues
  • Income taxes
  • Corporate franchise taxes
  • Industry taxes, such as cigarette tax, real estate transfer tax, etc.
  • Real Property taxes

We work with our clients to limit tax liability, and when disputes happen, we will advocate at both the regulatory and Tax Court venues on behalf of our clients.

Contact J&G, LLP

For more information, contact us at the law firm of J&G to talk with an attorney about tax planning and compliance in New York. Call us to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation at 845-764-9656 (toll free at 866-303-9595).