We understand how important first responders and military personnel are to our community. In honor and remembrance of 9/11 and to thank those first responders (fire, police and EMTs) and military personnel who continue to risk their lives for our safety, J&G would like to extend a special offer.  Any active or retired first responders or military personnel who reside in Orange, Sullivan or Ulster Counties can receive a free simple will* during the month of September. It’s our way of helping protect you and your families.

Many people are surprised to learn that when a person in New York dies without a will, state law determines how the person’s assets are distributed.  Having a legal will in place is the only way to ensure that a person’s wishes will be carried out upon their death.

Call us at (845) 764-9656 to schedule your free consultation and free simple will.

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*Offer begins 9/1/2023 expires 9/30/2023.  This is a one-time offer.

First responders interested in having J&G prepare a simple will can simply contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Phone:  845-764-8821

First Responders include police officers, firemen and EMTs.

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