Helping You Prevent Foreclosure

Have you received a letter from your mortgage lender, notifying you that your house is facing foreclosure? Are you willing to go through foreclosure, but just need more time to get your family’s affairs in order? Is your house on the market and you need more time to find a buyer?

The bankruptcy attorneys at J&G Law, LLP, are ready to help you prevent or delay foreclosure. No matter where you are in the foreclosure process, we can help. Even if you aren’t yet facing foreclosure but are looking for options to avoid giving it back to the bank, talk to us.

We will handle everything relating to your foreclosure proceedings. In most cases, you won’t have to attend meetings. From preparing a strong defense at your settlement conference to working with your bank to rewrite the loan, you will have a strong, experienced advocate on your side.

Call us at 845-764-9656 or toll free at 866-303-9595 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a consultation with a member of our foreclosure defense team today.

Our New York foreclosure prevention attorneys have experience in all areas of bankruptcy and foreclosure prevention law, including:

  • Preparing defense presentation at the settlement conference
  • Negotiating new mortgage terms with lender
  • Negotiating longer foreclosure deadline
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure
  • Negotiating a short sale of your home

Do You Have a Tax Lien Against Your Property?

In addition to foreclosure defense, our attorneys can also help you strip a tax lien from your property and avoid the garnishment of your wages that are being threatened by your creditors. If you are being harassed by your mortgage lender or other creditors, call us right away. We can give you immediate relief from collections efforts.

Learn more about our full range of debt relief and bankruptcy services. Contact us to arrange a consultation today. We have offices in Walden and Monticello and we represent homeowners throughout New York.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.