Legal Assistance for Not-for-Profit Organizations

In the Mid-Hudson Valley and throughout the State of New York, not-for-profit organizations need assistance with legal issues and questions. There can be many difficulties and challenges in the process of establishing and growing a not-for-profit organization, and experienced legal counsel is an essential part of success.

At the law firm of J&G Law, LLP, our lawyers work with not-for-profit organizations to resolve disputes and assist in running these organizations efficiently and effectively. We provide knowledgeable and responsive service in a manner that can help our clients be more successful in their efforts to help others.

Our Lawyers Help Not-for-Profit Organizations in New York

Our Not-for-Profit clients include churches, schools, hospitals, social clubs, trade associations, libraries, museums, historical associations, conservation societies, humane societies, arts organizations, sports leagues, health and human service organizations, and more.  We also represent members, employees, directors, and officers who have issues or disputes with their organizations.

J&G Law helps not-for-profit clients with matters that include:

Entity Formation

  • Analysis to determine eligibility for and desirability of not-for-profit mode of operation
  • Formation of not-for-profit corporation, including obtaining consents from government agencies
  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation, including vital corporate purposes provisions
  • Drafting of bylaws and committee charters
  • Preparation of IRS Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption
  • Preparation of applications for real property tax exemption
  • Assistance in completing IRS Form 990 tax returns

Ongoing Governance

  • Purchases and leases of real property and business equipment
  • Governance and best practices
  • Financial reporting and controls auditing
  • Officer and director duties and liability
  • Taxation and unrelated income
  • Employment and labor
  • Strategic alliances and affiliations
  • Fundraising
  • Conflicts of interest and related-party transactions
  • Lobbying
  • Committee structure and charters

Reorganization and Dissolution

  • Structuring and implementation of mergers and consolidations
  • Formation of subsidiaries or affiliates
  • Petitions for judicial or non-judicial dissolution

Contact Our Attorneys in the Mid-Hudson Valley

For more information, contact us the law firm of J&G Law to talk with an attorney about not-for-profit organization. Call us to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation at 845-764-9656 (toll free at 866-303-9595).

These are some of the not-for-profits that members of our firm have supported:

  • Orange County Citizens Foundation
  • The Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan
  • RECAP, Inc.
  • Orange County Arts Council
  • Walden Local Development Corporation
  • Orange County Land Trust
  • Families First New York
  • Maverick Concerts
  • Hudson Highlands Nature Museum
  • Mid-Hudson Pattern for Progress
  • The Orange County Partnership
  • Sullivan County Partnership for Economic Development
  • Newburgh Institute for the Arts and Ideas
  • The Meyer & Lillian Jacobowitz Foundation, Inc.
  • Claire J. Hoyt Memorial Foundation, Inc., McSherry Foundation
  • Mohonk Preserve
  • Children’s Rights Society, Inc.
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Cornwall On Hudson Riverfest, Inc.
  • Re>Think Local
  • Safe Harbors
  • Newburgh Preservation Association
  • Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
  • Maverick Concerts
  • New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON)
  • O+ Positive Festival
  • Alliance for Balanced Growth
  • Sullivan County Visitors Association
  • Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
  • Wallkill River School
  • Walden Local Development Corporation
  • Rockland Center for the Arts