New York Car Accident Attorneys Committed to Service and Results

At J&G Law, LLP, our personal injury attorneys build on a tradition of 50 years of client service to make sure that Hudson Valley accident victims get the information, advice and advocacy you need when you need it. In car accident cases in New York State, but our experience indicates that above all, accident victims need timely and dependable advice about their rights and responsibilities under our “no-fault” auto insurance system. Contact J&G Law in Monticello or Walden for a free consultation about the best ways to protect your interests after of a car accident. New York’s no-fault system requires people to apply for benefits with their own insurers within 30 days of an accident, otherwise, you risk losing the right to coverage for medical treatment.

Because of the importance of preserving our clients’ access to no-fault coverage, much of the work we do in the early stages of an auto accident case involves dealing with your own insurance company. We make sure that your application for no-fault benefits is prepared accurately and submitted on time. Insurers often suspend or terminate payment of no-fault benefits before the patient has achieved maximum medical recovery. We can help prevent that from happening.

Comprehensive Client Service in New York Car Crash Claims

We are here to guide clients through the problems and disputes that often arise in dealing with the no-fault insurance carrier.  We handle all other problems associated with motor vehicle accident litigation in order to achieve the greatest possible financial compensation available in your case.

These problems can come up in a variety of situations:

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