New York Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a member of your family suffered a head or brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, construction accident or other cause, the advice of an experienced lawyer can help ensure that your claim for insurance benefits or personal injury damages will reflect the full extent of your losses and future treatment needs.

Experienced New York Brain Injury Litigation Attorneys

At J&G Law, LLP, our attorneys have developed substantial experience with the investigation and proof of traumatic brain injury (TBI) claims, which can often present special challenges for diagnosis, treatment and assessment of damages. Especially in car accident cases, there is a significant risk that head and brain injuries will be overlooked or understated in emergency room treatment. Insurance companies will then resist or deny payment for mild or moderate TBI claims. Contact our law firm in Walden or Monticello for a free consultation about your legal and practical options. We can provide valuable assistance with concussion cases.

Our law firm serves clients throughout Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley, especially the mid-valley counties of Orange, Dutchess, Ulster and Sullivan. Our lawyers are thoroughly familiar with the range of symptoms associated with the various degrees of traumatic brain injury, and we understand how these symptoms can often be overlooked. In many situations, the first evidence of continuing problems with memory loss, personality changes or subtle impairment of motor skills or cognitive function will come from the victim or family members rather than treating physicians.

Once traumatic brain injury is suspected, we work with medical experts — frequently over an insurance company’s resistance — to make sure that any possible brain injury is correctly identified, tested, diagnosed and treated. Our lawyers leave nothing to chance in proving our client’s losses when brain injury is suspected.

Comprehensive Client Service for Brain Injury Victims in Upstate New York

In severe brain injury cases, our firm can meet the full range of client needs that are likely to arise. Our estate planning attorneys can set up a special needs trust to ensure the financial security of a permanently disabled accident victim. Our veterans’ benefits lawyers can determine whether additional compensation is available for former or current military service members who have suffered incapacitating brain injuries.

J&G Law represents people whose head or brain injury claims result from any number of causes:

Our experience with the investigation and proof of claims in complex brain injury cases in a wide variety of circumstances represents a substantial litigation advantage for accident victims. We make sure that the continuing impact of a brain injury will be fully documented and included in a demand for personal injury damages or other compensation.

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For additional information about the benefits of working with lawyers who understand the challenges of brain injury litigation and know how to overcome them, contact J&G Law for a consultation.