Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

People hit by cars or other vehicles while on foot often must cope with life-changing injuries requiring lengthy recovery or resulting in permanent disability. Head trauma and brain injury, spinal cord injuries, multiple bone fractures and serious crush injuries are all potential outcomes of pedestrian accidents, and such accidents also result in many tragic fatalities.

If you, your child or another loved one has been run down on our roadways, whether crossing a city street or at play in a residential neighborhood, it can be critical to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Fault and liability are often disputed in such cases, witness accounts and physical evidence can be pivotal, and you will need an advocate prepared to investigate the accident and pursue all available compensation on your behalf.

Full-Service Representation for the Injured and Grieving in the Hudson Valley

Led by an attorney with decades of high-stakes injury and wrongful death case experience, our firm’s efforts on behalf of pedestrian accident victims and their families include:

  • Thorough accident investigation to expose driver negligence ranging from a failure to yield to distracted or intoxicated driving
  • Identification and analysis of all relevant insurance policies — your own as well as the driver’s — and any other potential sources of compensation
  • Development of a comprehensive accounting for financial and other damages resulting from the accident, including an assessment of the victim’s long-term rehabilitation and care needs
  • Active, hands-on management of insurance claims and preparation for the possibility of trial while clients focus on their personal recoveries

At J&G Law, LLP, you can work closely with a New York personal injury lawyer who has successfully resolved many complex motor vehicle accident claims. We are prepared to advocate for you in situations ranging from crosswalk accidents to child injuries where a “dart-out” into traffic is alleged. Our experience extends to drunk driving and hit-and-run accident claims.

We handle pedestrian accidents and other personal injury claims on a contingency basis, so you will pay nothing and take no risk when you choose to contact our firm for a free case evaluation at 845-764-9656 or 866-303-9595. You will pay attorney fees only if we take on your case and obtain a settlement or verdict that benefits you.