Real Estate Attorney With Decades of Experience

At the law office of J&G Law, LLP, we represent individuals and businesses in a wide range of legal matters, including real estate law. Whether you’re buying your first home or signing a property lease for your small business, or purchasing or leasing a vacant parcel, or large commercial property, our qualified real estate attorneys will work diligently to help ensure that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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How We Can Help

From title searches and property inspections to sales agreements and closing procedures, we attend to the little details when you’re buying, selling, or leasing real property. Our dedicated legal professionals understand the ins and outs of the real estate market. We’re here to answer all of your questions, draft and review important documents, and offer legal advice to help you enter into a fair and realistic agreement, regardless of the complexity of your situation. Our firm has represented Hudson Valley residents since 1968, and we practice in over 35 areas of law to provide you and your business with comprehensive legal assistance. We identify and manage risks so you don’t have to.

Real Estate Legal Services

We handle all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law, helping you through any transaction, including site selection, zoning issues, mortgage refinances, and property tax grievances. We also deal with landlord-tenant matters, development and property management issues, and legal incidents that affect homeowners associations. Our diverse range of experience helps us to consistently and effectively look out for your best interests.

When you need a knowledgeable real estate lawyer, our respected attorneys are ready to work for you. Contact J&G Law, LLP by filling out our contact form or calling 845-778-2121 to schedule your initial consultation.