Skilled Representation in Real Estate Leasing Negotiations and Disputes

Entry into a lease of commercial property, as either a landlord or tenant, is a step that can be significant from both financial and overall business perspectives. Working with an attorney who understands your goals and concerns may be essential to avoiding unfavorable lease terms and costly disputes.

A New York commercial lease agreements lawyer at J&G, LLP, will represent your interests based on extensive knowledge of available options and frequent sources of dispute. In reviewing and negotiating a lease or advocating for you in a lease dispute, we will look beyond the basic considerations of rent, lease term and acceptable use to other critical issues such as:

  • Responsibility for common area maintenance (CAM) charges associated with snow plowing, landscaping, lighting, signage, utilities and other matters
  • Specific contractual distinctions between maintenance and capital improvements
  • Notice requirements, options and remedies associated with maintenance needs and other issues
  • Specific guidelines or parameters governing rent increases, such as those based on the consumer price index (CPI) or another methodology
  • Business entity vs. personal liability for nonpayment of rent, property damage and various lease violations
  • Tenant rights to assign a lease or sublease, including the applicable standard for review
  • Reimbursement amounts and methods for infrastructure repairs borne by a tenant
  • A range of other potential operational and landlord-tenant relationship issues that can determine the ongoing success and benefits of a commercial lease agreement

Contact an Commercial Property Lawyer

Commercial property leases are typically dense, complex documents packed with highly specific legal language. Landlord and tenant objectives are naturally opposite in some areas, and educated issue spotting prior to signing can be extremely valuable. When a dispute arises, your access to qualified legal representation can make all the difference.

Our collaborative professional team’s knowledge extends across the spectrum from innovative lease drafting to the eviction process. To discuss your business real estate needs or any type of commercial lease dispute, contact us today by calling 845-764-9656 or 866-303-9595.