Due Diligence for Site Suitability in New York

Identification of a viable, well-suited site is clearly one of the most critical aspects of any new commercial or residential development project. Key concerns involving time and cost may be impacted by a wide range of government regulatory considerations, required agency approvals and other necessary steps.

At J&G, LLP, we take an innovative and comprehensive approach to due diligence in site selection, informed by many decades of experience with projects ranging from subdivisions and condominium to industrial facilities, retail centers and regional medical centers. Our attorneys start by gaining a thorough understanding of your specific objectives, and we strive to deliver all the information and analysis you need to achieve them.

Comprehensive Assessments and Action Driven by Client Goals and Interests

Our Hudson Valley law firm’s well-established strengths and capabilities include:

  • Identifying all laws and government regulations applicable to your project at the municipal, county, state and federal levels
  • Performing all upfront analysis and work associated with seeking and obtaining government agency approvals for your specified land use — including approvals required for financing and available tax credits
  • Applying extensive knowledge of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process and other compliance matters related to resources and environmental impact
  • Protecting our clients’ financial interests through completion of market surveys, creation of specific ownership structures, establishment of new business entities, innovative estate planning and other steps

A New York real estate attorney focused primarily on transactions may not have the contacts and experience required to help you make sound business decisions when it comes to site selection. At our firm, you can work with current and former municipal attorneys who also have in-depth, widely respected knowledge of land use and environmental law.

To discuss your business goals and site selection concerns with a lawyer dedicated to finding solutions that pay off for you in the long term, please schedule an initial consultation today.