Land Use and Development Issues in New York

Creating a successful land development project requires exceptional legal skills in a wide range of areas. Effective developers understand that certain aspects of a development project require the outside assistance of various experts. Engineers, architects and financial analysts are among the professionals who work together to bring to fruition the developer’s vision. The complex web of laws and regulations that may govern a particular project and the multiple regulatory agencies that administer those laws and regulations make it a necessity to have comprehensive legal guidance. You need a source that you can trust to create solutions that will allow a project to move forward.

Experienced Attorneys for Land Use Issues

At J&G, LLP, our New York property development attorneys have spent decades working with developers to ensure the success of their projects. We understand the need to be able to address issues with governments and regulatory agencies on all levels, including federal, state, county and local that may have some degree of oversight with regard to your project.

Our firm has experience working both for and with municipal governments throughout the Hudson Valley. Our familiarity with municipal governments and their familiarity with us can provide a distinct advantage to developers in understanding municipal requirements and goals.

General Counsel for Developers

Our representation on land use issues is comprehensive and includes:

  • Site selection
  • Negotiation of purchase contracts
  • Due diligence to determine the suitability of the site for its proposed use
  • Formation of corporate entities necessary to protect our clients
  • Preparation of all necessary land use applications and zoning compliance petitions
  • Interfacing with the planning board and its consultants
  • Guidance through the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) process
  • Identifying all other local, county, state and federal agencies that may have approval authority, and understanding the laws that those agencies are required to enforce, including state and federal wetland laws, Endangered Species Act, the New York State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) for central sewer facilities, and/or storm water retention and treatment of water testing protocols, solid waste management and resource recovery law, etc
  • Drafting innovative legislation to meet specific project parameters
  • Creating Private Transportation Corporations and/or formation of special districts to facilitate the provision of utility service
  • Appearance and representation before zoning board of appeals for any required variance interpretation of a zoning provision or appeal of a decision of a code enforcement office
  • Preparation of easements or any other legal document necessary to secure and vest an approval

Success in Litigation

Not all challenges can be dealt with through negotiation. We try our very best. But in those instances where the rights and the interests of clients are being disregarded or abused, our firm has an exemplary record of defending those rights in New York’s state and federal courts.

Contact Us About Land Use and Development Laws

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