Complex Real Property Tax Issues in New York

An unfair property tax assessment can be financially devastating for a New York business entity or homeowner, creating a burden that disrupts personal solvency or impedes commercial profitability and growth. The process for challenging a tax assessment can be intimidating, however, and strict deadlines apply.

Based in two office locations in the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York complex real property tax attorneys at our law firm have decades of experience successfully challenging unfair property tax assessments. We are adept at the analysis required to help ensure property owners — ranging from home and condominium owners to owners of commercial property — are treated fairly.

Challenging Selective Reassessment and Other Improper Taxation Methods

Our efforts on behalf of individual and commercial clients facing excessive taxation include identifying and exposing:

  • Selective reassessment — an assessor’s illegal decision to revalue one property without a plan that applies equally to other similarly situated properties
  • Unfair treatment of a “welcome stranger” who purchases property and is then subjected to an increased tax assessment
  • Errors in complex real property valuation methodology, including failure to account for environmental cleanup needs and other obligations incurred by the property owner
  • Over-valuation of property used to generate rent or other business income, without regard to specific expenditures and detriments associated with that property
  • Problems with what amounts to double taxation, as when real property is burdened with easements and taxes are assessed on both homes and road access, or common facilities and grounds are taxed even though a condominium owner already pays for the right to use them
  • Issues related to real property tax exemptions for agricultural, religious or nonprofit entities

Take Prompt Action to Get Qualified New York Tax Counsel

Lawyers at our firm have pursued many successful causes of action, challenging the monetary tax assessment itself in Article 7 proceedings and also demonstrating that conceptual problems led to an unfair assessment.

To discuss your real property tax assessment in New York and the available means for contesting it, we encourage you to contact us today at J&G Law, LLP. Call our offices at 845-764-9656 to arrange your consultation.