by Gary Schuster

  1. Apply for a loan.
  2. Avoid “work for hire”.
  3. Avoid lawsuits.
  4. Buy a business.
  5. Buy real estate.
  6. Collect a debt.
  7. Defend a lawsuit.
  8. Determine charitable contributions.
  9. Determine business expenses.
  10. Dissolve a corporation.
  11. File a lien on loaned artwork.
  12. File for bankruptcy.
  13. Get a license to use works of others.
  14. Hire employees or assistants.
  15. Improve ambiguous contracts.
  16. Lease studio space.
  17. License your artwork.
  18. Make a claim for damaged artwork.
  19. Make a deal with an investor.
  20. Make a claim for stolen artwork.
  21. Negotiate a collaboration contract.
  22. Negotiate a loan contract.
  23. Negotiate an exhibition contract.
  24. Negotiate an employment contract.
  25. Negotiate a consignment contract.
  26. Negotiate an agent contract.
  27. Negotiate a commission contract.
  28. Negotiate a publishing contract.
  29. Prepare an estate plan.
  30. Protect personal assets.
  31. Recover artwork not paid for.
  32. Reduce taxes.
  33. Register a trademark.
  34. Register a copyright.
  35. Rent studio space.
  36. Respond to a cease and desist letter.
  37. Sell a business.
  38. Sell a copyright.
  39. Sell a trademark.
  40. Sell real estate.
  41. Send a cease and desist letter.
  42. Set up a non-profit corporation.
  43. Set up a partnership.
  44. Set up a limited liability company.
  45. Set up a corporation.
  46. Sign a health care proxy.
  47. Sue a copyright infringer.
  48. Sue a trademark infringer.
  49. Write a will.
  50. Write a business plan.

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