New EAFs that should be used by agencies and applicants on or after October 7, 2013.

New Environmental Assessment Forms

Short Environmental Assessment Form (PDF) 

Full Environmental Assessment Workbook

Full Environmental Assessment Form – Part 1 (PDF)

Full Environmental Assessment Form – Part 2 (PDF) 

Full Environmental Assessment Form – Part 3 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions – guidance on use of the new EAFs

If an EAF has been submitted before that date, SEQRA agencies can continue to use the old version.

Note that DEC has designed the new form so that it can be submitted electronically, although that is not required. Given the page length of the document, electronic submission may be a step that agencies wish to consider, perhaps maintaining a record copy of the document with original signatures.

Other Resources:

SEQRA Handbook (2020) (PDF)

General DEC SEQRA webpage 

SEQRA Cookbook (2019) (PDF)