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Are You Underinsured? S.U.M. 3 simple letters. Supplementary Underinsured Motorist Coverage. Four complicated words that can strike fear into an injured driver and many a personal injury attorney. This blog talks about a case where an insurance company wanted to deny our client insurance coverage he paid for, but J&G went to court and won…

BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE . . . AND TIME FOR A LOOK AT SOME RECENT DECISIONS OF THE COURT IN SNOW AND ICE CASES While there are many cases, each with a different spin on a snow and/or ice condition, this article will focus on just a few. These two cases are from New York…

How to maximize your personal injury settlement If you have had an accident due to the negligence or fault of someone else, you may be able to obtain monetary damages in a personal injury law suit. This is often best accomplished by retaining an experienced lawyer. If you ever find yourself in this situation, think about these…

You Just Had A Motor Vehicle Accident!   First off, we are sorry to hear it. What follows is some information that will help. Maybe you were the driver.  Maybe you were a passenger in a multi-vehicle collision.  Maybe you were a pedestrian knocked down by a moving vehicle. Maybe, maybe . . . there…

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