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PANDEMIC CHALLENGES FOR NONPROFITS Observers are predicting a challenging road ahead for many charitable nonprofits, especially those that rely on funding from state and local governments. Tax revenues are down and deficits are ballooning. It is widely expected that sooner or later, government funding of charitable nonprofits will be reduced or even eliminated. Private philanthropies…


Beware COVID-19 Charitable Donation Fraud Beware COVID-19 Charitable Donation Fraud:  As we all struggle through the COVID-19 health crisis, there is little doubt that in due course Americans will open their wallets to help those in need. We are a very charitable society and give billions of dollars each year to a wide range of…


The Duties of Not-for-Profit Directors  Not-for-profit organizations come in all shapes and sizes.[1]  From large universities and medical centers to tiny arts organizations and sports leagues, they are all subject to the same laws and regulations. At the federal level, the Internal Revenue Code provides exemption from income tax to a wide range of organizations. …

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