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VIRTUALLY REOPENING THE CIVIL COURTHOUSE If you must bring a lawsuit against a person, a business, or for some other legal relief, you need to go to court. The New York State legal system never completely closed although, from mid-March to mid-May, it did pause almost all activity. That has now changed. It is now…


BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE DURING CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC Are you concerned about business interruption and whether your insurance covers you? Here in the Hudson Valley, the coronavirus has spread rapidly. The state and local governments have responded with closure of non-essential businesses and “shelter in place” orders. Some businesses have fallen in the middle, open but restricted. This…


  CIVIL LITIGATION IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS If you have a civil litigation case that you want to begin, nothing will stand in your way. What happens thereafter, in light of coronavirus, is being determined anew almost daily. Like much of our country, the New York State court system has adapted and now embraced…

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