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FORCE MAJEURE AFTER COVID When the Covid crisis arrived, many people who had signed contracts found it difficult or impossible to perform their obligations. Many sought relief from the force majeure clause in their contracts. In most cases, that proved to be disappointing. With the benefit of hindsight, parties now have the opportunity to revise…

NEW REPORT DETAILS STRUGGLES OF HUDSON VALLEY NONPROFITS NYCON, the New York Council of Nonprofits, just released a report “Hudson Valley Nonprofits Amidst COVID-19.” The report was funded by a new group called the Hudson Valley Funders Collaborative comprised of several regional philanthropic foundations. The report paints a fairly grim picture of the state of…

A BUSINESS LAW CASE STUDY A client worked long and hard to build an agency into a successful business that provided for him and his family. He was approached by a much larger agency that wanted to buy him out. One of our transactional attorneys helped negotiate the terms of the transaction and drafted the…

VIRTUALLY REOPENING THE CIVIL COURTHOUSE If you must bring a lawsuit against a person, a business, or for some other legal relief, you need to go to court. The New York State legal system never completely closed although, from mid-March to mid-May, it did pause almost all activity. That has now changed. It is now…

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