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  NEW LAW PROTECTION FOR PUBLIC EMPLOYEES IN PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCIES In recognition of the essential role of public employees during this pandemic, New York State has adopted legislation requiring public employers to plan for similar emergencies in the future. The New York State Labor Law has been amended by adding a new section (27-c)…

For those of you with children in college, or getting close to it, there are some interesting recent changes to the rules concerning 529 savings plans. A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings vehicle for college or other higher education. Contributions to the plan are invested in a variety of stocks and bonds in order…

As a new school year begins, many parents in the region are unexpectedly finding themselves exhausted and overworked. They have been relentlessly raising money to restore or supplement sports, music and arts classes and programs that have been slashed by school districts struggling with tighter budgets. Parents from Monticello to Marlboro to Warwick have taken…

It is a well-settled proposition of law in New York State that schools are under a duty to adequately supervise the students in their charge, and that they may be held liable for foreseeable injuries related to the absence of adequate supervision. But what is the extent of a school district’s liability for activities and…

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