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Commonly Asked Questions When Buying or Selling Your Home   Q – When Should I Get a Real Estate Attorney Involved in the Transaction? A –  Whether buying or selling a home, you should get your attorney involved as soon as possible. You should explain to your attorney what you plan to do and ask how you…

Going to buy or sell a home? Read This Before You Sign:  Spring is here, the kids are approaching summer vacation and now is a popular time to consider buying or selling a home.  We have prepared some commonly asked questions when it comes to buying and selling a home.  We urge you to read…

It is not uncommon that unit owners in residential developments structured as Homeowners Associations or Condominium Associations volunteer to run for office and serve on the Boards that govern those entities – Boards of Directors for HOAs and Boards of Managers for Condominiums. The people seeking such positions are often motivated in the same ways…

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