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Who wrote the song “Happy Birthday”? Who has the copyright? It is reported that the most frequently played song in the world is “Happy Birthday”. Can anyone sing it, play it, record it, rebroadcast it? Can anyone use it for commercial purposes without having to pay royalties? The answers to the above questions were recently…

One of the common attributes of family businesses is “discord”. A recent article talks about Tom Benson who is the owner of the New Orleans Saints professional football team and the NBA Pelicans. When he announced that he was leaving the teams to his third wife, members of the family took issue and an attempt…

The law firms of J&G, LLP and Silver and Lesser, PC, announced that they will enter into an affiliation where they will provide Of Counsel services to each other. The joint affiliation became effective September 1, 2015 and enables both firms to better meet the varied needs of their clients.     For almost 50…

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