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How the New Tax Law May Affect Seniors For the 2018 income tax year, the fairly new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Tax Act”) provides some important changes that will save seniors (or their accountants) money and aggravation while completing their 2018 income tax return. New Tax Brackets. To begin, the Tax Act keeps the…

Social Security Update Wage earners pay a percentage of their wages into the Social Security system. Those payments become part of the fund that is used to pay for people who have already retired, are disabled, or are survivors or dependents of workers who have died. Any unused portion of such payments become part of…

Three Reasons Why an Attorney-CPA is better than a CPA Like most people I am often asked what I do for a living. I sometimes explain that I am both a tax lawyer and a CPA, (Attorney CPA) whereupon I usually get a reply like: “Oh”, accompanied by a look of confusion. “So you could…

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