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Three Things to Know about a Prenuptial Agreement Congratulations on your engagement!  Now that you have decided to get married, picked your date, and are in the midst of wedding planning, we want you to consider adding a consult with a family law attorney to discuss prenuptial agreements to your to-do list. Here are three…

Guide  To  Getting  Out  – Divorce  Tips Click here to download Guide to Getting Out pdf booklet The hardest part of getting a divorce can be that first step into the unknown. Here are some pointers so you can decide if it is time to speak with an attorney. Three signs that it is time…

What to Expect When Expecting a Divorce Face it, divorce is more common today than it has ever been. Yet, fear of the unknown will often cause people in unhappy marriages to stay in unhappy marriages. As a divorce attorney, clients have come to my office at many stages of the divorce process – either…

Divorce and Taxes At J&G Law, LLP our matrimonial and our tax attorneys work together to discuss with you and resolve the dance between divorce law and tax law. This blog will waltz you through some of the most important issues typically relating to divorce and taxes. Filing Status. If you will soon be divorced,…

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