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Understanding Market Changes:  What Homebuyers Can Expect in Today’s Market As we approach the end of 2022, it feels like we are also closing the chapter on the pandemic crazed real estate market. The intense buyer pool we saw over the last two years has dwindled because of inflation and high interest rates. During this…

CONVERSATIONS AND DOCUMENTS EVERY SENIOR SHOULD HAVE Are you a senior? Have you had “that conversation?” Yes, “that conversation,” the one that you should have with someone who is, or perhaps several people who are, near and dear to you and younger than you. Yes, “that conversation,” about personal and intimate details of your life….

THE STATE OF FORECLOSURES DURING COVID-19 The stage of foreclosures during COVID-19.  In a recent Executive Order, Governor Cuomo addressed the need to provide financial relief to the citizens of New York. The directive set forth the following: Forbearance with respect to mortgage payments for 90 days from the due date for any person or…

Debt and Divorce Debt and divorce often go hand in hand. It can often be more complicated dividing up debts that have been incurred during the marriage than separating assets. More importantly, relying on your soon-to-be-ex to pay debts that appear on your credit report can have long-term, negative ramifications if things turn nasty, as…

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