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WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT PAYING FOR NURSING HOME CARE The time period in which an elderly loved one goes to a skilled nursing facility can be one of the most emotionally wrought and challenging experiences for a family. Unfortunately, one of the most stressful aspects of the ordeal is how the nursing home bills are…

What is a Will and Why Does Everyone Need One A Last Will and Testament is a document that states your final wishes. Every Will must be submitted to the Surrogate’s Court after death so the Court can determine if it is valid and enforceable. This is the procedure known as “probate.” Your closest family…

10 STEPS TO SETTLING AN ESTATE Losing a friend or family member is always challenging. Serving as the executor or trustee of their estate plan is a wonderful way to honor them and carry out their wishes. But it can be a long and taxing process. Here’s how to do it right: (1) Talk to…

5 Reasons Why You Should Make an Estate Plan About 60% of Americans lack a basic will. That’s no surprise: planning for sickness or death is a challenging subject to discuss, and it’s easy to put off for another time. But because you can’t see the future, you rarely know in advance when these documents…

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