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DON’T BE A BACK SEAT BULLET In 1984 New York, under Governor Mario Cuomo, became the first state to pass a law making it mandatory to use a seat belt if seated in the front of a car. Now, in 2020, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation effective November 1, 2020, requiring all passengers over…

Does the Infant Car Seat Face Forwards or Backwards? Are you a new parent? Or are you like me, a new grandparent? You surely want to take your precious cargo out and about. Let’s talk about the requirements when it comes to infants/young children in cars. A review of a single portion of the New…

New Law with Hefty Penalty for Passing Sani-Vans and Waste Collection Vehicles An old joke asks: what has 4 wheels and flies? As of November 1, 2016, it had better not be you driving a motor vehicle past a garbage truck. . . and here’s why.  There’s a new law with hefty penalties for passing…

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