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If you are bitten by a dog and sue, will you win? If you are bitten by a dog, can you sue?  Many people do. If you are bitten by a dog and you sue, will you win? It depends. Here are the facts Here are the facts from the case in the highest court…

This Solitary Tree Today we write about the TREE and what happens if someone cuts down your trees. Perhaps you own land which has but one tree. Or maybe your property is deeply covered with trees creating shade, a tree canopy delightful on those hot summer days. All yours to enjoy for as long as…

Is what you just fell over trivial? Take a quiz. You are walking along a sidewalk or on a set of stairs. Next thing you know you are lying on the ground looking around to find out what it was that caused you to fall. Surely there must have been something there! Upon careful inspection…

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