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Taxes, Pot and Your Business Taxes, Pot and Your Business. If you run a legal business selling medical marijuana, can you take federal tax deductions for business expenses allowed for any business? Out west, the answer is no and here is the explanation. Let’s start with an important caveat: Selling marijuana for recreational use in…

Marihuana in NYS   We are working on being your source for information about the change in the marijuana laws in New York. Here is an update. Of course, legislation and bills change, the process can be messy and the final product might be different from what we know as of this writing. First, in…

Pot in New York? NYS wants to Legalize Marijuana If you are interested in why New York State wants to legalize marijuana, you should read on. It is our intention to become your source for information in this brave new world. In July, 2018, a report was issued by the New York State Department of…

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