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How Second Marriages Can Affect Your Estate Planning As a long time estate planning and elder law attorney, my clients have gone from mostly married couples at the beginning of my practice to a varied array of combinations of people who wish to provide for each other and their families. Often, I now see couples…

Ten Years After Ten years ago, after more than a year of meetings, intense research, visits and interviews at senior centers, and discussions with town officials, our group was poised to embark on an ambitious project – the Town of Montgomery Seniors Independence Project. Who’s in our group? An amazing assortment including public officials, representatives…

I have been experiencing an unusual phenomenon in my estate planning and elder law practice over the last month or so. There has been a literal rush of clients wanting to have living trusts prepared. While I am always happy to help new clients, this was somewhat above the norm. Typically, clients seek estate planning…

Over the years, it has not been difficult to be critical of New York’s lack of support of seniors.  The State has moved towards making it more difficult to become eligible for Medicaid for those who are in need, there’s been radical cuts in staff for agencies such as Office for the Aging, and we…

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