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SLIP AND FALL – NOW WHAT? Here in the Hudson Valley, the winter means it is slip and fall season. If you slip or trip and fall and get hurt because of the negligence of someone else on their property, you may well be entitled to financial damages for your pain and suffering. Negligence generally…

AVOIDING SLIP AND FALLS WHEN YOU’RE 55 AND OLDER   Being 55 years old is surely is not as old as 55 used to be. Now at 55 you can be fully employed, if that be your pleasure, and looking forward to many more productive years. You can volunteer, exercise, travel, participate in sports or,even…

Have you fallen and can’t get up? While the title is the tag line of a commercial, we represent people who have fallen on the job and have sustained injuries. Here we talk about falling from a ladder or a height – – or if something falls upon you – – while you are performing…

(This article is followed by a Spanish version) Victim of a Construction Accident? Many residents of the Hudson Valley work in construction. We build commercial structures, single and multi-family homes, roads, bridges, sewers and more, all to keep our community growing and the workers prosperous. Workplace safety is far better now than in years past….

Since you are reading this blog, you probably live in or near Orange County, NY. In that case, you are ready for winter which, as we are learning as 2017 arrives, will have snow and ice. What follows is a discussion snow and ice injury liability and the rights and responsibilities of those of us…

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