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Behind On Your Mortgage Payments If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments or are already behind, and the word “foreclosure” has come up, you may be looking for ways to better understand what foreclosure means and what you’re your options are.  This is why we’ve prepared a helpful Foreclosure Guide for individuals who…

Is Political Corruption Even Illegal Anymore? Recent overturned convictions of Dean Skelos and Sheldon Silver leave many New Yorkers frustrated and wondering if its public servants will ever be held accountable for using their offices for personal gain. Dean Skelos, former New York State Senate Majority Leader, was convicted in 2015 on Federal corruption charges…

When Foreclosure Comes Knocking, Answer It!   The foreclosure crisis is behind us, right? Nope. Foreclosures are not in the news much anymore, but many Hudson Valley homeowners are still facing the loss of their homes through foreclosure.  While the most recent report of the Chief Administrator of New York Courts (2016) shows that the number…

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