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Did You Grieve Your Property Taxes and Lose?  Here’s What You Need to Know to Appeal Did you file a Real Property Tax Grievance complaint to contest your taxes in May? The Board of Assessment Review (BAR) for each Hudson Valley municipality will be sending out their determination of your grievance complaint throughout the month…

Challenging your New York State property taxes can be a complex process. The attorneys at Jacobowitz and Gubits have extensive experience in challenging real property tax assessments. Our knowledgeable Hudson Valley attorneys have challenged all types of property assessments including industrial plants, apartment complexes, strip malls, condominiums, subdivisions, farmland, and more. We can help you determine…

Five Essential Considerations when lowering your Real Property Taxes The City of Newburgh Council voted recently to increase property taxes for 2017.  This means City of Newburgh homeowners and commercial property owners will pay more in taxes in 2017, with commercial property owners paying double the increase of residential property owners. Want to lower your real property…

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