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Should you register your brand as a trademark? If you own a business, you have worked hard to stand out from the crowd and portray your products or services as unique and high quality. From a marketing perspective, your brand is the symbol of your business and the way you are recognized in the marketplace….

Who wrote the song “Happy Birthday”? Who has the copyright? It is reported that the most frequently played song in the world is “Happy Birthday”. Can anyone sing it, play it, record it, rebroadcast it? Can anyone use it for commercial purposes without having to pay royalties? The answers to the above questions were recently…

Copyright applies to “works of authorship” and gives authors the sole and exclusive right to reproduce, to publicly display or perform, to distribute, and to prepare new works which are based upon or derived from the original work. Generally, the duration of copyright is the life of the author plus 70 years. Works of architecture…

The internet is sprawling, boundless and seemingly chaotic and amoral, with websites beyond counting and many devoted to gambling, pornography and other subjects unfit for polite company. But it is not utterly lawless. A year ago I blogged about success we had using a quick arbitration proceeding to recover a domain name from a cybersquatter….

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