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Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney form allows you, the Principal, to designate someone, an Agent, to act on your behalf when you are alive and cannot perform certain tasks for yourself.  You have the ability to outline which powers your Agent will have.  Some of these powers include buying and selling of goods,…

What is Probate? In New York State, an Executor nominated under a will needs to petition the court in order to receive Letters Testamentary so that they can act.  The Executor will use the Letters to obtain and gather the assets of the estate.  An Executor is mainly responsible for paying the debts of the…

Important Legal Issues Facing Seniors Will You Need Community Medicaid?  Community Medicaid covers care and medical services that will enable an applicant to continue living on their own, as opposed to living in a nursing home; in other words, applicants will remain in the community. It is available to eligible New York residents who are living…

IS YOUR ONLINE WILL VALID? With promises of producing the exact forms that you need, for an unbelievable price, and in a matter of minutes, it’s no wonder that many people are opting for online services for their estate planning needs instead of seeking advice from a qualified attorney.  A Last Will and Testament can…

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