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What is one to do when the Building Inspector denies you a building permit or says you are violating the zoning law? You can modify your plans of course, but what if you can’t afford to do so or are physically unable to modify them? What if you think the building inspector made a mistake?…

Tips When Investing in Commercial Real Estate Investing in commercial real estate in the Hudson Valley requires careful planning and knowledge to avoid certain pitfalls. Consider these eight tips before purchasing an investment property. Identify your team Investing in commercial or other income producing property is not for the weak of heart, and the journey…

May a municipality use its zoning power to restrict businesses because of concern about the social impacts of the business? In a word, the New York State Court of Appeals says “no.” The Court struck down a Town of Hempstead zoning law that prohibited check cashing establishments in a business district, holding it violated the…

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