Developing a Living Trust or a Will in New York

Why is it necessary to have a will? After all, when you die, won’t your surviving spouse automatically receive the assets of your estate? Many people are surprised to learn that New York probate court judges are under no legal obligation to assign assets to surviving spouse in the event that the deceased left no will. Having a legal will in place is the only way to ensure absolutely that your final wishes will be granted upon your death.

Prominent New York Estate Planning Lawyer You Can Trust

It is never too early, or too late to file a legal will. The New York estate planning lawyers at J&G Law, LLP, have helped thousands of individuals and families with a full range of estate planning and estate administration needs since we opened our doors in 1968. If you are considering drafting a will or have a will that needs to be updated or changed, it’s time to talk to an experienced lawyer. Get the facts about wills, living trusts and probate law. Call us at 845-764-9656 or toll free at 866-303-9595 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a consultation. Our complete range of estate planning and probate services includes:

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Avoid Guardianship Proceedings

It is not unusual for an adult child of an elderly parent or grandparent to start guardianship proceedings to assume control of health care decisions and financial assets. Without a legal will, you are at the mercy of the courts if a judge declares you incompetent to handle your own affairs. With a will in place, however, you can be assured that your final wishes relating to your financial assets and health care decisions must be legally respected.

Why You Should Consider a Living Trust

An irrevocable living trust is one of the best ways to disburse your financial assets to your adult children and grandchildren, while protecting yourself from Medicaid expenses in the event you require long-term care in a nursing home. Our law firm can help you understand your options for trusts and can assume responsibilities as trustee to protect the trust from litigation. You will be protecting your family’s financial success while watching your beneficiaries enjoy the benefits of regular disbursements. Revocable trusts are also an important tool for tax planning and Medicaid planning. Talk to an experienced New York living trust attorney at J&G Law today.

How do you avoid probate? Putting your assets into a revocable living trust means that your family retains control of the assets while you are alive and will avoid the probate process upon your death. We will thoroughly review your family’s situation and advise you about your best estate planning options.

There are many ways to protect your family’s success with a legal will and trust. Start thinking about estate planning now. Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced lawyer today. J&G Law has offices in Walden and Monticello for your convenience.